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Nature Solutionaries Podcast: How Family Planning Helps Women & Nature

March 16, 2022 • Environment, family planning, Global Sustainability

Laptop with large microphone. Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash.

The excellent work of Veronika Perková, an environmental journalist and the host of Nature Solutionaries, continues with her latest episode, which is titled, “How Family Planning Programs Help Women Live Better Lives and Get Involved in The Protection of Nature.”

In this episode, Veronika interviews Sara Inés Lara (Women for Conservation) and Catriona Spaven-Donn (Population Matters). Sara Inés Lara is a Colombian conservationist who helps women from rural communities access family planning and education and become guardians of their own environment. Her work has been challenging, especially from pushback from local men and conservation colleagues. After all, it is often considered taboo to address environmental protection, women’s empowerment and population. But, after seventeen years, her NGO Women for Conservation has reached more than 2,000 women and helped the recovery of the yellow-eared parrot, which was down-listed from the IUCN Red List in 2021.

On this episode, Sara Inés Lara and Catriona Spaven Donn, Empower to Plan Coordinator from Population Matters, talk about:

  • Why it is important to engage women in conservation
  • Why addressing conservation, family planning and population is crucial
  • How family planning programs help women have better lives and get involved in local protection of nature
  • What experience Sara and Cat have had talking about population and conservation
  • How Colombian activists saved the yellow-eared parrot

If you’d like to learn even more about women's rights and environmental justice, listen to the interview “The Most Effective Conservation Strategy? Empower women”.

Picture of Joe Bish

Written by Joe Bish

Joe is the Director of Issue Advocacy at Population Media Center. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing from Antioch University New England.