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Attaining global sustainability requires continually creating a more equitable, flourishing world for all people and ecosystems.

At Population Media Center, we know the urgency of building a sustainable future. We do that by inspiring people to act. It’s well past time for people to be empowered to write their own life stories, and change the trajectory of climate change in the process.

Global sustainability is unachievable until women have social status, education, and economic opportunities. Only then will they have true agency to make their own decisions about when and if they have children. That’s why, in 2021, we launched two new shows in Zambia, a new show in Nepal, two new shows in Kenya, a new broadcast in Mexico, and more.

Equal Claims: Earth Can’t Fairly Or Sustainably Support 8 Billion


To achieve a sustainable global civilization, humanity must evolve to function in a way that helps biodiversity flourish. Humanity must help maintain and preserve, rather than perturb, the planet’s energetic balance.

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Intergenerational Responsibility: Extinctions & Climate Overexploitation 


Children born in 2021 will experience life on a planet with seven times more heatwaves, twice as many wildfires, and almost three times as many droughts, river floods, and crop failures as people born 60 years ago did.

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PMC Illuminates The Rights Of Girls, Rights They May Not Know They Have


“Our programs illuminate the rights of girls in their communities, rights they may not even know they have. And we work toward the elimination of harmful practices and social norms. When women and girls win, we all win.” — Wendi Stein, PMC Program Manager

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Texas Senate Bill 8 Is Unconstitutional, Unsustainable, & Anti-woman


PMC stands with women, families, and all people who believe abortion should be legal, readily accessible, and safe. We believe all women should be able to determine if and when they have children and access the reproductive healthcare that best suits their needs.

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With your support, a different world is possible — a better world with measurable change.

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Conversations and Contraceptives: The Impact Of PMC’s Vencer El Miedo

Actors from Vencer el Miedo embracing eachother

Every night 3.5 million viewers in Mexico switched their televisions to Televisa’s channel two to watch Vencer el Miedo (“Overcome the Fear”). By the end of the series, viewers found themselves engaging in more conversations with family members and counselors about important issues like safe sex.

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A Mirror Of Life Improves The Health And Wellbeing Of Nigerian Women & Girls

Woman carrying a bucket of soft drinks on her head.

At the end of the broadcast, young women in the broadcast region were more aware of reproductive health options accessible to them, such as inter-uterine devices (IUDs), implants, or injectables to prevent pregnancy. 

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The Next Chapter: PMC Launches Its Third Program In Nepal


Tucked in the mountains of Nepal, families and individuals have started to tune in to a new radio show, Rope Guna Fal (“You Reap What You Sow”). The show, supported by UNICEF and The Kendeda Fund, hit the airwaves in late September and casts light on several key issues including reproductive health, child marriage, and education about parenting.

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