watch the confronting crisis 2050 panel

On September 17, 2020, PMC President and Founder, Bill Ryerson, led a panel discussion of experts inspired by the recent film, Endgame 2050 which addresses the dire state of the planet. Panelists included the creator of the film, Sofia Pineda Ochoa; Author of The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich; Faith-based Environmental Activist, Reverend Itang Young; and University of Southern California Professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science, Dr. Yael Wolinsky-Nahmias.

During the discussion, panelists addressed the current ecological and existential crises facing the planet and how the issues of rights of women and girls, population growth, and environmental sustainability are all interconnected. It is now up to us to make change, and there is plenty for each us to do. We hope you will watch the panel on YouTube and share the content with your networks. 

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