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Fall 2019
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Population Media Center

Population Media Center builds a sustainable planet with equal rights for all by providing hit entertainment that changes lives. To date, PMC has positively impacted 500 million people in more than 50 countries around the world. We're glad to have you on our team.

Highlights from our Fall 2019 Newsletter are below:

Tune In, Nigeria: Jolokoto Is Live!


Population Media Center (PMC) is thrilled to announce the launch of Jolokoto (“Mirror of Life”), our seventh radio show in Nigeria. Previous shows like Gugar Goge (“Tell It to Me Straight”) and Ruwan Dare (“Midnight Rain”) have been highly popular and effective, shifting individual perspectives and social acceptability on topics such as child marriage, obstetric fistula, and access to education.

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Donor Spotlight: Arden Down


Arden Down doesn’t want to help anyone. That may sound like a surprising statement coming from a woman whose career has been oriented around counseling others and whose life is packed with activism and volunteering. “I don’t want to help people,” she says, “I want to empower them. I want them to honor the power within them and help themselves.” 

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Social Norms in Zambia: Up Against Some of the Fiercest Competition

market in Zambia

Since our founding, PMC has understood the importance of social norms for a sustainable future. In fact, our Theory of Change is built around Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory. Social norms are patterns of collective behavior that are reinforced, propagated, and sustained by “unwritten” rules. In recent years, the science of social norms has been evolving rapidly, with interest in entertainment-education – PMC’s specialty – gaining traction. 

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Haiti Gets Social for Extra Impact

Haiti gets social for extra impact

In 1998, the UN estimated global population would hit 9.4 billion in the year 2100. The UN now expects 11.2 billion. An overwhelming proportion of this projected human population increase will be driven by the demographic trajectory of sub-Saharan Africa. The good news is that projections are inherently malleable. The unwelcome news is that to influence demography towards a more sustainable trajectory is easier said than done.


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PMC's Bill Ryerson Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from NonProfitPro

Understanding Changes to Giving from Your RMD

The June edition of NonProfitPRO recognized the “2019 Nonprofit Professionals of the Year.” Included among those recognized this year is Bill Ryerson, President and Founder of Population Media Center (PMC). There are nine categories within the contest and Ryerson was selected as the winner for the “Lifetime Achievement” category.

“Bill’s story has captivated our team,” Nhu Te, Editor-in-Chief of NonProfitPRO explained. “Thank you for everything you do, not only for our sector but for the world. Keep up the amazing work!”

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The Future is Bright: Winners of the 2019 Scholarship Video Contest

One Planet, Many People Contest

Four current and upcoming college students are celebrating $1,000 scholarship prizes after winning this year’s “One Planet, Many People” video contest organized by Population Media Center (PMC).

By creating videos under a minute long that examine the impacts of human population growth on their neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, or the planet, the applicants competed against more than sixty-five other contestants from around the world to bring home the gold. 


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Bringing Street Theater for Change to Nepal

Bringing Street Theater for Change to Nepal

The scene: the eastern plains regions of Nepal, August 2019. The players: two nonprofits with a goal of creating lasting social change. The medium: street theater!

Since 2016, Population Media Center (PMC), a global NGO creating social impact driven by entertainment, has been a hit on Nepalese airwaves. Shows like Hilkor and Mai Sari Sunakhari have engaged audiences nationwide in dramatic plots while promoting positive behavior change around deep-seated issues like child marriage and domestic violence. A local community organization saw the opportunity to expand those results to new heights for rural Nepalese populations.


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