We work at the intersection of social and environmental justice. Women and girls around the world are robbed of social power and self-determination. Eradicating these injustices is not only a crucial human rights issues, it's also intricately connected with the world's population and the creation of a sustainable planet..

Stories are powerful. We are drawn to them. We remember them. Imagine paying $0.04 USD to reach a person meaningfully. Imagine 67% of new health clinic clients saying that they came to seek services because of an entertaining radio show. These are the real implications of PMC shows..

There is good news. The solutions to our social and environmental challenges are many, and they are progressive. Your donation helps solve some of today's most pressing challenges..

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Partners for a Sustainable Planet

Partners for a Sustainable Planet is a community of INDIVIDUALS committed to environmental sustainability and making a difference globally.

Join us and help PMC create powerful culturally-specific entertainment that promotes the rights of women and girls, smaller family sizes, and environmental sustainability. Your membership will not only catalyze sustained and dramatic change, it will also provide unique opportunities for connection, idea exchange, regular updates about current issues, exclusive content, and more from the PMC community.


raindrop (1) Tier 1: $600
  • Personal PMC staff liaison
  • Regular updates with inside information on breaking news
  • Digital or mailed version of the complete PMC Annual Report
  • Listing in PMC Annual Report
  • PMC’s quarterly donor newsletter, The Script

wind2 Tier 2: $1,200

All of the above plus...
  • “Behind the Scenes” webinars with PMC staff
  • First access to exclusive product discounts and giveaways

christmas-tree Tier 3: $3,000

All of the above plus...
  • Registration to PMC’s first “No Footprint" Event. This livestream convening will provide a forum to explore diverse areas of public interest around population growth, environmental sustainability, the rights of women and girls, and the power of storytelling
  • Invitations to national conventions, regional conferences, and local events as PMC guests

fire Tier 4: $6,000

All of the above plus...
  • Personal tour of PMC global headquarters in Burlington, Vermont and opportunity to meet President and Founder, Bill Ryerson and PMC headquarters staff
  • Exclusive clips from PMC international radio shows translated from respective native languages to English

dove Tier 5: $12,000

All of the above plus...
  • Strategy updates about PMC’s Vision 2025 with Associate Vice President of Development, Kiren Bansal
  • Personal notes from international on-the-ground production teams

"I wish more people knew about PMC. PMC is empowering people to make choices."

PMC donor Arden Down
-Arden Down, donor


"I have been and continue to believe that PMC is making a valuable contribution towards population stabilization."

-Milton Saier, donor

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