population is a major sustainability issue. FORTUNATELY, POWERFUL SOLUTIONS do exist!

Most people and well-intended organizations think the only tool we have to lower global fertility is increased access to family planning supplies. This is always a good objective - but is not fully correct.

Rather, much harder work needs to be done. Major shifts in societal attitudes and knowledge around ideal family size and the safety and efficacy of modern contraception are required.

Population Media Center is a rare organization: acknowledging the troubling reality of humanity's over-sized and still expanding population - and also creating highly effective programs to solve the problem. Innovative efforts designed to address the specific drivers of ongoing rapid population growth. 

With 20 years of experience, Population Media Center is committed to help global fertility fall to a sustainable level.  Learn exactly what our analysis of this often-ignored sustainability issue reveals.

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It's a fact: world population growth remains totally unsustainable – over 230,000 people are added to world population each day. That is a net gain - births minus deaths. But few people understand the true drivers of this increasing world population. Even fewer know how to effectively intervene.

Long established and widely practiced social norms  low status of women & girls, bias against modern contraception, and large ideal family size  are the strongest drivers rapid growth of the population. If somebody tries to tell you that population growth is "slowing down," ask them to explain the graphic on the left.