August 2021
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PMC’s recent rebroadcast of the hit radio show Yam Yankré (“The Choice”) has spurred change in many people’s lives. After hearing the life-changing storylines in the 156-episode show, a trio of loyal listeners are not only promoting Yam Yankré amongst their peers but have also become advocates of a more equitable community, each in their own ways. Inspired by transformative storylines on female genital mutilation, reproductive health, and family planning, these listeners felt that the change they heard in the show could be reflected in their own lives. 


The Motivator


USAID and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition recently published a report titled, "Stories from the Forefront: Interviews with Social and Behavior Change Communications Media Professionals." Our very own Rajan Parajuli was selected for the publication and earned the nickname "the motivator." Read more about his work as PMC-Nepal Country Director in the report linked below. (Scroll to page 19 for Rajan's feature).

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Featured in the News
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‘Code red’: UN scientists warn of worsening global warming

Earth is getting so hot that temperatures in about a decade will probably blow past a level of warming that world leaders have sought to prevent.

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Students view human population growth as a threat to biodiversity

As one part of a ecology course at the University of Gothenburg, a lecture presented threats to species and ecosystems—human consumption and population growth were both included

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Feminists Fight Fake Abortion Clinics: “No One Should Be Lied To”

Organizations like SPARK, ReproAction and Abortion Access Front are exposing the deceptive tactics of fake abortion clinics and organizing to stop them from harming women.

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PBS And Ken Burns Vow To Do Better On Diversity But Critics Aren't Convinced

 PBS revealed $11 million in grants for diversity initiatives, including funding for mentoring programs, a series of short-form videos on science and technology issues featuring Black and Hispanic communicators and several new digital series featuring a diversity of creators.


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